Membership at the Elmer Swim Club can be as a bond holding member or as a seasonal member.

Bonds are available for 2024 – $375 (Bond fee + NJ Sales Tax)

All memberships are subject to board approval

Remember, in order to use the facility, your dues  MUST be paid in full.
For more information call the pool office at   856-358-6861.

Bond Holding Member


Bond Holders are stakeholders of our swim club. When you purchase a bond, your annual dues are approximately $100 less each year.   In less than four years you would save the money that was used to purchase the bond!  Bonds are payable over 2 years, in 2 equal payments and after being a bond holder for 3 years, they are also refundable at the purchase price if you should decide not to continue your club membership. Memberships include all members within the household

Senior or Single Bond Holding Member


Our Senior or Single Bond Holder Memberships are for our Seniors 62 years of age or older or are Single (no one else living in your household) that are bond holding members. Bonds are also available for purchase.

Seasonal Member

Seasonal Members are club members that are not interested in purchasing a bond membership. Memberships include all members within the household

Senior or Single Seasonal Member


Our Senior Seasonal Membership is for our Seniors that are 62 and over that do not have a bond and/or are not interested in purchasing a bond.
A Single Seasonal Membership is for ONE person in your household only. If you have a spouse, partner or child you are NOT eligible for this membership. You are only able to register yourself.

8+ Graduate Member

Our 8+ Graduate Membership is for our Bonded or Seasonal members that have been members of the club for at least 8 years and all children have graduated from high school.

August Member


An August Membership is for first time (new) families joining the pool in August only. You will only have access to the pool from August 1st to Labor Day.

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