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  • October16th

    For those going to NY

    Continental breakfast of homemade muffins, century donuts, fresh bagels, coffee, juice and milk from 7:25-7:55. Bus departs ESC at 8am. Water, cookies and snacks served on the bus. Door prizes and a 50/50 in route Drop-off #1 Rockefeller Center , #2 Central Park, # 3 Near Ground Zero. ONE Pick-up at 7:00 at Rockefeller Center. Bus has a ten minute load window before it must depart. Family Disney movie in the way home. Should be back at ESC between 9:30-10pm
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  • April21st

    Thank you to everyone who were able to attend to our opening parent meeting.  We are looking forward to a great season! If you missed the meeting or need information, please go to the swim team tab on our page and click 2015 schedule and Join The Team. Both of these tabs have calendar information, swim team registration form and parent-swimmer code of conduct form.  These forms needs to be filled out before participation on our team!

  • April15th

    We are less than two months away from starting another great season at the Elmer Swim Club! Do you want to earn some extra cash this summer? Do you want to help raise money for the Swim Club? It’s easy and here’s how……
    Sell a banner to any establishment to display on our fence for advertising all summer long. All you need to do is reach out to any business you frequent and see if they’d like to purchase a banner to help advertise their business at the club. For EACH banner commitment you obtain, you will earn $30 cash! If their banner hangs on our fence, you make money! It doesn’t get much easier than that. As you get that morning coffee, afternoon latte, delicious hoagie, get a haircut, go shopping and so on, sell a banner and earn cash for your summer fun!
    If you are interested in helping the club and making yourself some money, contact Sharon Simms at bsimms96@msn.com for more information. Forms will also be available at the Swim Team Meeting on April 21st at Elmer School and/or the upcoming work weekends at the swim club. Let’s get those banners sold and hung on our fence for opening weekend!

  • April15th

    Highlight and right click to open form



  • June3rd

    Wi-Fi is available at the pool this year.  Please ask the manager for the password.  Adults Only please.  Also, no videos or large files, we are limited on bandwidth.